Watsonville Wedding | Lori+Frank

As my camera and I whisked silently through the crowd, the sound of sweet “I love you’s” filled the air. The day was filled with love.

Lori and Frank were married in an intimate Sunset Beach wedding among close friends and family at Sunset Beach.

Friends and family gathered first at the reception site, where the bride was greeted with hugs, kisses, and well wishes. I was so lucky to be at the right place at the right time when the groom arrived... I captured the bride and groom’s first look on their wedding day…

From the reception area, the guests were directed to the ceremony site at the beach. It was a nice walk down a quiet road, and up a small hill. Once the groom and guests made their way to the beach, it was the bride’s turn.

This is one of my favorite images from the day... It's the look in Lori's eyes...

Congratulations to Lori and Frank!

And thank you Kenny and Rich for inviting me to shoot :)


Chasing blue jays

We were 8 years old when we would chase blue jays around the campus while her mom and my sister studied nursing together. I would beg my sister to bring me with her to school so I could play with my new friend. Who would have known back then that would be the beginning of a lifelong friendship, which I am so grateful to have. From chasing blue jays to our hearts content, to sitting at my bedside for hours on end when I was hospitalized for two months, miles and miles away... She's always been there.

Check out my girl Yvette, working it for the camera...