Her smile

Understandably, it often takes the little ones a bit of warming up to the idea of having a big camera in their face. This little sweet thing didn't need much time at all.

A few minutes into making silly noises and funny faces behind the camera in an attempt to get the shot, I notice Kiki's mom fiddling with her phone next to me. She says "Here... she gets happy when she sees pictures of herself...". Next thing you know, she turns the phone around and shows Kiki a photo of herself, then BAM.... instant smile...

Saw this one and thought "I wanna hear what she's listening to on her ipod..." hahahaha.

Happy 1st Birthday Kiara Jade! Thank you Jackie coming out with Kiki! She's such a cutie and I love her spirit:)


Time flies

One of the best things about being a portrait photographer is that sometimes I get to see little itty bitty babies grow up right before my eyes. It seems like yesterday when I photographed Miss Leah at a couple weeks old, then at a few months old. Has it been a year already???

Happy 1st Birthday Leah!