There was pouring rain the day before and the day after, and somehow, we were lucky enough to get sunny and warm weather for Cienna's senior portraits. It was perfect.

Cienna's mother had beautiful flowers sent from her family all the way in Hawaii for Cienna to wear. It was important for them to incorporate a piece of their heritage in the photos. LOVE IT.

Cienna, Bonnie, and Carl... Mahalo Nui Loa :)

I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the family when you have your fam portraits taken!



The ocean. The sand. The beach.

I could see it in her big blue eyes. She wanted to go straight to the water. It was Ella's first visit to the beach and she was excited.

Thanks for finding me, Amanda and Carl! Now you have beach family portraits "in your backyard" in Monterey. I promise it's not always this cold around here;)


It shows.

Jasmine and I scheduled this shoot about a month ago, almost entirely over texting. There was something she said in one text that stuck in my mind which told me all I needed to know for Jasmine and Jose's portraits...

Jasmine text read, "...I love this man with all of my being and I hope it shows in the pics."

It definitely shows.

Thank you Jasmine and Jose for making the trip all the way out here! Hope we can do it again soon with the whole family.


You know it's going well if...

you overhear one of the kids telling mom "THIS IS FUN!!"

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was this day. The Giammanco kids were so much fun. Not only were they up for poses I envisioned, they fired back with their own creative ideas. The comment above made my day:)

Kacey, whatever it was you did or said before the shoot, tell me so I can try it on my kids!


In her arms

It was senior portrait time for Angelika and she brought her beautiful baby girl, Nevaeh, along to join in some of her pics.

During the senior shots, Nevaeh rotated between the arms of Angelika's mom and sister. As soon as Nevaeh was back in Angelika's arms, I noticed immediately the special bond the two share. Angelika would hold Nevaeh up, look into her eyes and speak softly to her. In return, Nevaeh would respond in baby talk, with the sweetest little smile on her face. It was as if they were holding their own private conversation. So, so cute.


Sydney has arrived

One of the best things about a maternity session is that a newborn session soon follows! Catherine and Ken were so much fun to shoot during their maternity session. Their trust in my creativity and willingness to go with the flow were truly more than I could ask for that day. So, when Catherine shared the news that Sydney had arrived, of course I made my way back to their home as soon as I could get there.

Welcome to the world, sweet Sydney!

Congratulations Catherine and Ken! Sydney is beautiful!


Can't complain.

As I mentioned before, my availability is limited due to obligations unrelated to photography. So much that once I find an open window for clients, I tend to schedule back to back shoots. This, to me, is fun. Once I’m done photographing one client, I get to start all over again with another, and the fun continues.

This was the fourth shoot of the day and the icing on the cake. Place a photogenic family in a setting where there is magic light, and I get really excited:)

Thank you Shae and Joe for bringing the family together and continuing to trust in me with your family photos!