Taking a break from a break

After a busy last few months, the plan was to take some time off from shooting. The Nikon needed a rest, the family missed Mommy, and it was time for a necessary break.

Within the first two weeks of my "time off", I started to get the itch. I looked at my calendar and saw I had a full day open so I texted my niece.

Sissy, you busy Sunday? Wanna know if you can come down for pics.

The rest is history...

Robriana (aka Sissy) nailed it.

One minute she’s her typical silly self...

Next minute, FIERCE.

With the style and expertise of my best-friend-since-forever/sister, we got so many awesome shots that day. Some of my best images over the years came from the joint effort of Bird and I. She also has a very artistic eye and we are quite the team.

This was a fun day.



"It's important to celebrate the people who hold your hand and never let go." -Leanne Coppola



Their house was a second home for me while growing up. For years, her mom and dad put up with all of us girls raiding their kitchen, being loud and laughing all hours of the night, and moving furniture around to take over the family room to make up dance routines with ridiculously loud music. Through all this, they continued to welcome me with open arms and treated me like their own daughter/sister.

When Joy told me they wanted to have family portraits taken, my response was “Tell me when and where. I’m there.”

After we wrapped up the big family pics, I had Joy and Jason stick around a little bit longer so we could get a few shots of just the two of them.