Love Story.

It’s the question everyone asks an engaged couple. In between the clicks of my shutter, I asked, “So… how’d you guys meet???”

One responds, “On e-harmony…”

Then the other responds, “I mean at Hooters…”

Then I hear, “No we met on a plane…”

With each response, I imagined a sweet story behind it. So let’s keep their love story a mystery. What matters most is that these two beautiful souls found eachother and since then, literally everything in their life has been falling into place.

As we roamed through Monterey one early morning, it felt as if no one else was around. Alex and Erik were simply themselves, in eachother’s company, and in love. I was fortunate enough to be able to capture this special time in their life.

Alex and Erik, I am counting down the days to your wedding!


A Sweet Melody

As soon as I introduced myself to this cutie pie, she smiled and reached her little arms out to me. It wasn't hard to fall in love with Melody in that first moment.

Melody was so happy and full of smiles all morning. I whispered to her mom, thanking her for making sure Melody was well-rested and ready for pictures that early morning. She responded, "Oh no. She's always happy like this...".

Happy 1st birthday, Melody! Jamie, thank you for coming out to meet me!