A Special Time

I've known her since she was an itty-bitty little girl, watched her grow up into a mature, young woman, and now I get to witness this special time in her life.... My sister-in-law Kisha is expecting and I couldn't be more excited!

Love you Kish! You will be a great mom and we can't wait til our little niece or nephew arrives!


The Yellow Beach House

Melanie and family came from all over California and beyond for a week-long family reunion in Pacific Grove. The cool part was her dad booked a huge, vacation home near the beach for everyone to stay in under one roof, and, the best part for me was that Melanie contacted me for group family portraits during their stay here!

They’re definitely one of the nicest families I’ve ever met. They were so warm and welcoming, where I almost felt like I was a part of the family. The fact that they are a family of all daughters is what was so relatable to me. So sweet.

Thanks Melanie! It really was a pleasure meeting you all. Thanks for finding me!



To me, he’s the same Lil Oski that was always at the house with my sister and bro-in-law. He’s the same Lil Oski that entertained us for hours on end when my friends and I would dress him up in MC Hammer pants, a Sierra T-Shirt, a medallion, and my sister’s purple suede boots, only to have him put a boombox on his shoulder and dance for us like Michael Jackson as we videotaped him. He’s the same Lil Oski that followed me around the house saying “Weeesa?!” in a scooby doo-like voice. He’s the same Lil Oski that cried to me when my dad wouldn’t let him go across the street to play basketball because no one could take him at the time. The same Lil Oski that had us on the floor in tears from laughing so much because he was so silly, fun and full of life. The same Lil Oski that put a smile on my face even on my worst days.

To see him now – all grown up, mature, and taking the basketball world by storm – I am speechless. The amount of tragedy and loss in his life is far more than any person should endure in a lifetime. I think about it and my heart breaks all over again. His drive, strength and commitment pushed him to overcome what most people would not be able to. Period. For Orlando to achieve so much in his life and to now reach his dream is beyond anything I can put into words. I am extremely proud of not only the basketball player that he is, but the amazing young man he has become. My other sister summed it up perfectly in just one sentence... "God really did a great job with him..."

I made sure to bring my camera with me on the night of the NBA draft where family gathered to support Orlando on what turned out to be the night of his life. I’ll tell the story the best way I know how... in photos.

Then, the call from Indiana...




Amidst the cheers, screams, and tears, I hear someone yell “There’s a party up in Heaven tonight!!!!”

Yes. Ms. Vicky, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Odessa, Ms. Valerie, Ivan, Angel and Mark.... were definitely present.

From the Linsao/Mathews/Johnson/Sherman/Baria Family, we love you and wish you the best! #11 ORLANDO JOHNSON all the way. GO INDIANA PACERS!!!