Nothing Even Matters

Some people stop to smell the roses. I make us stop to take a quick photo, so we remember these small but special moments in our life. It was a beautiful day in Santa Cruz and earlier in the summer when life wasn't so busy.


I spend a lot of time staring at the computer screen, culling and editing pictures for hours on end, sometimes skipping sleep all together. Thankfully, Pandora keeps me going (and dancing at the computer as I edit the night away).

As I uploaded the above image to the blog and began typing this post, the most appropriate song comes on...

Monterey Boudoir Photographer | favorites from June

Some of my favorites from the June boudoir shoot....

To all these GORGEOUS ladies in the above photos, THANK YOU for allowing me to share your beautiful images!

MUA: makeupbyalecia

Interested in the next boudoir shoot? MontereyBoudoir.com



There’s nothing more I appreciate than a person that brings their 110% to whatever it is they’re doing. Someone that’s fully present in the moment and ready to accomplish a goal.

Meet Alicia.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with model Alicia Briggs a couple times now and this girl brings her all when it's time to shoot. 110%.