Wow. Words cannot express how I feel about this last year. 2012 has been amazing and I'm extremely grateful to be able to do what I love...

and because behind-the-scenes shots are always fun, here's me doing my thing in 2012...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! So excited for what's to come in 2013 ;)


His Little Bow Tie

From the moment I saw that little bow-tie, I fell in love. Jude is the cutest little thing and I absolutely love how Christine coordinated their whole look! What a beautiful family...

While shooting, Jude made a new friend… “My Worm Friend…” as he continued to refer to it throughout the afternoon.


Doneesha & Donaesha | Greenfield High School Class of 2013

When their mom called me about senior portraits, it wasn’t until towards the end of our conversation that she said, “…and there’s two."

I pause. Silence. I was confused, thinking are we talking two locations, two outfits, two cd’s, two…?

She then says, “There’s two of them. They’re twins….”.

OHHH OK, TWINS!!! I was so excited for this shoot. I do have a little bit of experience photographing twins (my other half is a twin;) but I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot twin senior portraits! And these two young ladies are absolutely gorgeous and so much fun to shoot.



They were recently married, so when Valerie reached out to me about photographing their first, official family portraits, I was thrilled. Valerie and Derrick have such a sweet family and I was so honored to be able to do this for them.