The Fashionista

She arrived at her shoot looking absolutely adorable and just ready to shine in front of the camera. I gave her mom the thumbs up for putting together her outfits and she immediately corrected me…. “Cali put her outfits together herself...”. Great job Cali!

So much fun spending the afternoon with this sweet girl. Her personality just shined in front of the camera and I’m so happy I was able to capture her spirit. Love that little sunkissed face of hers!


Because every guy needs a tux, right?

She had a few different outfits picked out for Everett’s 3-month shoot. Then I saw the light bulb pop up above her head…. “Oh…My sister just got a tux for him!!”. She disappears for a moment and comes back in the room with Everett in his evening-wear… his own little baby tuxedo.

Every guy needs a tuxedo in his closet, right? You just never know when you might need one.

One of the great things about my job is that sometimes I’m lucky enough to see these tiny little babies as they grow, right before my eyes. I can’t believe Everett is already 3 months old.


Brandy & Jim

I ask, "So... how'd you guys meet...". They look at eachother, laugh, then Brandy says, “at Red Lobster, girl….”. Then Jim jumps in, anxious to tell me the story in his own words, “Let me tell you about the first time we met…” and with no detail overlooked, he tells me the story. It was the sweetest thing watching Jim’s mannerisms as he shared their story, with Brandy smiling beside him....

The story began years ago at Red Lobster. Jim was managing the restaurant at the time and Brandy was enjoying her dinner, until she tasted the shrimp. The amount of salt on that shrimp prompted her to ask for the manager and what started out as a complaint, eventually led to them connecting days later, falling in love and now they’re getting ready to walk down the aisle.