Happy kiddos

It usually takes people a little bit of time to warm up to the camera. It’s no problem. It’s actually pretty common and I expect it.

However, the Borgomini kids showed me otherwise. I don’t know how Michelle prepared her children during the drive up to Mission Ranch to meet me, but they were ready for some pictures! And when I say ready, they were READY, like they couldn’t have been any more ready than they were! Love it.

I loved spending the afternoon with these kiddos. They were so full of life and just really in the moment. Their energy was contagious and I found myself so excited and happy right with them.

That was you in there

Let me start off by saying I wish I would have had some maternity photos taken. With each maternity session I do, I repeatedly kick myself for being so stubborn back then and not having any baby-belly photos taken. I think I may have a few images of my pregnant self somewhere, but none like the expectant mother/goddess photos that grace the pages of my website.

So when Seante mentioned that she wanted to have maternity photos taken, and that she had never done it before with the older children, I was so happy to do this for her. Years from now, she can pull these photos out, point to her baby-belly, and tell her little boy or girl, that was you in there.