Deaysia | Alvarez High School Class of 2016

After neglecting this blog for over a year now, it's time I get back into it.

I can't think of a better way to kickstart my photography blog than with this Santa Cruz Boardwalk senior portait shoot! Check out Deaysia, and all the fun we had during her shoot!


New site (kind of)

I finally took on the well-overdue task of updating my website, replaced old images with current and simply removed as much as possible from my website in order to bring all the focus to the images I capture.

In doing so, I opted to exclude a bio. Is it really necessary? I feel like viewers are at my site to see my work, not to read about the obvious…

I like taking pictures.
I like people.
I like taking pictures of people.
And my dog.

Besides, according to my 9-year old, I am a “greatly, amazing photographer” and I “take great pictures”. See for yourself…

Thank you son, for the best love letter EVER and for putting my bio together without even knowing it. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I’m so blessed.

Now check out the new site… HERE